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“Carlyle Financial made the loan process easy.” – Dan A.

What can you expect from our loan process?

At Carlyle Financial, our dedicated team helps you get your dream home seamlessly.
Unique financial situation? We’ve got you. Dream home a big dream? We make it happen. Our team will walk you through every step of the process, from applying to the moment your home is all yours. We handle your loan process personally. Best yet, we do it all at the most competitive rates in the marketplace.

The Loan Process


Your Application

Home loans begin when you file an application, in which you provide basic information about your income, credit and assets. This information may be provided by phone, in person, or online using our secure application.

Your Disclosures

Your dedicated mortgage experts produce a disclosure package that confirms the terms of the home loan for which you have applied, including standard forms like the Good Faith Estimate and Truth in Lending Statement. As soon as we receive the signed documents, we move forward with your home loan process and request information from third parties we may need to contact during your closing. We also use Docusign to allow you to sign documents electronically.

Your Appraisal

In an appraisal, a third party evaluates your property’s condition and provides a market analysis of recent sales for properties in the area in order to estimate the property’s market value. An underwriter will review your file for approval once the appraiser submits the property’s report.

Your Home Loan Approval

Afterwards, we submit your application to an underwriter, who checks that the documentation and information you’ve provided are sufficient to qualify you for the home loan type for which you’ve applied. When your loan application is approved, the underwriter issues a commitment letter, which includes any outstanding items that need to be gathered before your final loan documents can be generated for signing.

Your Processing

Our mortgage loan coordinators organize your documentation and identify any potential problems before they come up. We also collect any information needed for home loan approval from any third parties involved in the transaction—escrow, title, agents, etc.

Your Closing

Your closing agent will receive the loan documents once the approval conditions have been received and reviewed. An escrow officer will schedule a signing appointment for you, as well as inform you if any money will need to be paid at closing. Typically, closing funds are either wired or paid in the form of a cashier’s check.

Your Funding

Once your signed documents are received, they will be reviewed by our funding team. If you are required to provide funds for closing, they will be combined with the amount of the new loan, and the title company will record the appropriate documents with the county. Upon recording, the transaction will be considered closed and you will be able to take possession of your new home or begin taking advantage of your refinance loan.

Let our mortgage experts assist you with your home loan process:

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