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“Carlyle Financial handled my refinance personally.” – Afshin R.

What can you expect from your refinance?

Your mortgage refinance is an investment in your financial goals. There are a few things to consider as you decide whether or not a refinance is the right choice for your household. Your Carlyle Financial mortgage banker makes it easy to navigate the process quickly and simply.

Lower Your Monthly Payments

Reducing monthly home loan payments frees up resources for investing or paying down credit cards, auto loans, college tuition, or even your principal home loan amount. Refinancing lowers your interest rate, reduces monthly payments, and secures long-term financial stability.

Maximize Your Home Equity

Mortgage loans generally have lower interest rates than credit cards, so refinancing helps you consolidate debt and pay off higher-rate accounts. When you refinance, you can reduce your monthly payment. Your Carlyle Financial mortgage banker will work with you and your financial advisor to investigate all possible ways you could benefit from a tax deduction.

Manage Your Resetting ARM Loan

If you currently have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) that is about to reset, the interest rate may be changing—likely increasing. Refinancing out of an ARM into a fixed-rate mortgage or obtaining a new ARM with a new fixed-rate period can provide stability and minimize risk.

Expand Your Finances

Thanks to career success or financial windfall, you may find yourself in a stronger economic situation than when you first closed your mortgage. This is why shortening the life of your existing home loan by refinancing might be appealing. While some may choose to continue to pay down (or off) a mortgage balance, others may elect to switch to a new mortgage with shorter and/or better terms.

Here are some resources we provide to make your mortgage refinance a seamless process:


Refinance Document Checklist

Learn what documentation you need for your application and how you can prepare to close quickly and efficiently. Download the PDF here

Annual Loan Review

Your finances can change a lot in one year. We help you evaluate your financial situation to assess if your current home loan still makes sense.

Personal Mortgage Expert

Your financial needs are unique, and we have answers for all of your mortgage questions whenever you need them. Speak with an Expert

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